Tarantino's Must-Watch List: 10 Films Everyone Should See at Least Once

Tarantino's Must-Watch List: 10 Films Everyone Should See at Least Once
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Tarantino actually saying something nice for a change? Now that's a rare sight.

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino, the mastermind behind cult classics like "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill," is a hardcore cinephile. However, he's generally tight-lipped when it comes to singing praises about other filmmakers (as opposed to actually critiquing them – that's where Tarantino doesn't hold back, as we all know).

This reserve makes it all the more intriguing when he decides to share his personal list of must-watch films.

Tarantino's preferences were recently spotlighted through various interviews and even detailed in his latest book, "Cinema Speculation," which hit bookstores last October. While he's often hesitant to discuss contemporary works – he feels that praising them forces him into a corner where he can only say positive things – he has finally let us in on the movies that he believes everyone should watch at least once.

Here's the list of 'em:

  1. Top Gun: Maverick
  2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  3. The Bad News Bears
  4. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  5. The Social Network
  6. Carrie (1976)
  7. Apocalypse Now
  8. Jaws
  9. Audition (1999)
  10. The Great Escape

Tarantino Isn't a Film Snob – He's a Film Lover

The list is as varied as Tarantino's own filmography. It's an eclectic mix that dips into blockbuster sequels like "Top Gun: Maverick," hovers over horror classics like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and even takes a stroll through Oscar-winning fare like "The Social Network."

And for those who think Tarantino might be a film snob, think again. It's actually funny how this list feels like a mix of obscure, lesser-known or indy films – and some widely popular blockbusters. He even admitted having a soft spot for rom-coms – quite an unexpected twist.

Here's what, for example, Tarantino got to say about one of the last year's biggest movies, "Top Gun: Maverick" (via ReelBlend podcast):

"I thought it was fantastic. I saw it at the theaters. That and Spielberg's 'West Side Story.' Both provided a true cinematic spectacle, the kind that I'd almost thought that I wasn't going to see anymore. It was fantastic."

What's intriguing about the list is the subtle insight it offers into Tarantino's own preferences as a filmmaker. It's no secret that his work often draws on a variety of influences, including non-American cinematic works, but this list highlights a leaning toward darker and more macabre themes.