STRAY KIDS' Friendship Test Made Fans Go Crazy

STRAY KIDS' Friendship Test Made Fans Go Crazy
Image credit: Legion-Media

They are just too adorable around each other.

Stray Kids are the talk of the town currently, with them releasing a new captivating album Maxident and a half-chaotic, half-romantic Case 143 music video. Fans are happy to see Stray Kids starting their promotions with a wholesome and funny interview for Glamour.

The group has decided to test what members think of each other and how well they trust their teammates. Without any hesitation, Stray Kids started off with a trust fall exercise. One could highly doubt that none of the X idols staying behind the back wouldn't want to catch their mate, but Stray Kids raised the tension by playfully jabbing at each other.

Felix: Any last words, Seungmin?

Seungmin: Just catch me. I don't trust you guys.

Joking with each other, the artists successfully did the trust fall exercise and confirmed they are ready to provide endless support for their teammates, both in a physical and metaphorical sense.

Communicating easily through a mix of English and Korean languages, Stray Kids danced, sang their songs, and played more games. Lee Know and Bangchan, as well as Changbin and I.N, even managed to show off their skills in arm wrestling, which also led to some heartwarming friendship moments that fans noticed. In the end, Changbin surprised everyone with his strength, easily winning over all his opponents.

During the interview, Stray Kids members earnestly complimented each other on their best qualities, for example, one being a good dancer, another having a great fashion sense, and many others. Fans couldn't help but coo, seeing how affectionate Hyunjin and Han are with each other in this interview, when it is widely known in the fandom they had a rough start in their friendship. STAYs (Stray Kids' fans) recalled how they had once called each other out demanding the other should rap or dance better – yet now the idols have been only praising and complimenting, calling each other sweet words without any reason.

Fans admired Stray Kids members for being so different but getting along together really well, creating a beautiful synergy for the group. The older members of the group shared that they were very comfortable talking to each other despite any typical Korean hierarchy rules, they were also always ready to give and receive sincere advice about an idol's career or life. Throughout the whole interview, Stray Kids were naturally affectionate with each other, showering every one of them with endearment and compliments.

"Lee Know and Bang Chan picking each other as a person they come to for advice is just... I'm sobbing, they're really like two parents." – Karina Khasanova

Joking till the end, Stray Kids showed their tight bond which could only be achieved after years of working and living together. Previously, STAYs were worried about personal relationships in Stray Kids affecting the group's dynamic and career, when Kim Woojin left the group in 2019 and the fandom got a hunch hinted by members themselves that they couldn't match characters and become friends as Woojin would allegedly bring tension to the group and get in the way of team's work. It seems like Stray Kids doesn't need to worry about unnecessary tension anymore, as fans can see they passed the friendship test with flying marks.

"Genuinely my life goal is to have a friendship group like StrayKids." – @tsizumi22