Stranger Things Stage Prequel Might Be The Cursed Child of Netflix's Best Franchise So Far

Stranger Things Stage Prequel Might Be The Cursed Child of Netflix's Best Franchise So Far
Image credit: Netflix

If you enjoyed the Stranger Sings! musical parody, you will enjoy the news. However, if you remember the cringe fest of the certain Harry Potter stage play...

Stranger Things will delve into the past of Hawkins in live-stage performance titled The First Shadow slated to hit London's West-End later in 2023. And we're not sure if that's good news.

The piece will be set in Hawkins, Indiana in 1959, and it will focus on Jim Hopper, portrayed in the show by David Harbour, as a young man, and will also feature Henry Creel, who becomes a crucial figure in the fourth season of the show as the villain Vecna.

Sonia Friedman Productions is no stranger to highly anticipated stage productions, having produced the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, which has been running in London since 2016.

The casting of The First Shadow play is yet to be announced.

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Fans are already discussing the news, making theories and assumptions of all kinds, as seen on Reddit.

First of all, they are wondering whether the stage piece will ever be recorded and perhaps put onto Netflix, because if it "really is canonical, it should be accessible to all fans."

The fans seem to be somewhat mildly reluctant to think that the play will "reveal anything of significance," deeming it being there only "to give fans backstory if they want it during the drought."

As season 5 will only premiere in 2024, this opinion might make sense.

Fans are dissecting what is there to be known about the Stranger Things timeline, to determine which events might occur in the prequel set in 1959.

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In connection with Henry Creel being an adolescent at the time, the theories are made about how the existing Stranger Things' characters might fit into it, with the "Hopper=bully, Joyce = crush, Bob = friend" idea being the most commonly-expressed one.

However, there are many people who feat that The First Shadow will become the Cursed Child of the Stranger Things franchise.

The Harry Potter stage play was vehemently rejected by a huge part of the Wizarding World fandom, with people refusing to even acknowledge its existence, let alone appreciate it as canon.

But maybe it's too soon to worry. Just maybe.

Stranger Things: The First Shadow is sure to be a hot-ticket item for fans of the series, offering a unique and exciting opportunity to delve even deeper into the world of the hit Netflix show.

So, get ready to step into the Upside Down and experience Stranger Things like never before.