Stephen King Rates This Bloody Slasher 10/10, But There’s a Catch

Stephen King Rates This Bloody Slasher 10/10, But There’s a Catch
Image credit: Legion-Media, IFC Films

To each their own.

It is not often that the horror genre gets the recognition it deserves. This is partly due to the writers and producers hoping to attract a large audience with a recycled premise and a set of working clichés, and partly due to the stereotypical approach to reviewing these movies.

One way or another, when a horror movie gets a round of applause from the critics, it naturally raises a wave of interest from the audience. And if you are looking for a scary film that is also critically acclaimed, Stephen King has you covered with his most recent recommendation.

Is In a Violent Nature Worth Watching?

Written and directed by Chris Nash, In a Violent Nature is a Canadian slasher movie that was released to the general public just a few days ago. Before that, the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2024, where it received many great reviews from critics.

The movie follows a group of teenagers exploring the wilderness and the killer stalking them through the woods. It is mostly shot from the killer's perspective, maximizing the viewer's immersion in the story they are witnessing.

Many viewers pointed out the movie's slow start, but once the stakes are raised and the killing begins, In a Violent Nature leaves no chance to catch a breath, paralyzing the audience with fear. Still, some genre fans couldn't force themselves to sit through the beginning, and the film's audience score dropped to 44%.

Critics, on the other hand, loved the scares and praised the entire production team, giving the film an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The most popular horror genre expert to date, Stephen King, could not overlook the phenomenon that is In a Violent Nature. The author pointed out the pacing of the movie and wasn't a big fan of the character design, but gave it the deserved credit for the blood and gore factor that is so important to any slasher movie.

For now, In a Violent Nature is not available for streaming, but if you are interested, keep an eye out for news and updates, as it is scheduled to be released on Shudder later this year.