Star Wars Biggest Missed Opportunity Robbed Us of a Perfect Villain in Episode 9

Star Wars Biggest Missed Opportunity Robbed Us of a Perfect Villain in Episode 9
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The writers had everything they needed to make a decent story, but they blew it in favor of Palpatine's resurrection.

When Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi hit theaters, fans were introduced to a shocking twist.

Supreme Leader Snoke, portrayed by Andy Serkis, who had been set up as the new dark overlord, was suddenly killed by Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver.

So naturally, fans expected Kylo to become the next leader of the First Order in the final installment of the sequel trilogy.

But we all remember what happened next. Somehow, Palpatine returned and became the big bad for Kylo and Rey to defeat together in a forced redemption story arc.

Many fans remain disappointed to this day, believing that Kylo would have made a much more interesting antagonist for the final film.

First of all, no matter how you feel about his character, Adam Driver is a great actor and did everything he could to deliver a good performance.

With all due respect to Ian McDiarmid, who reprised his role as Palpatine, it would have been much more interesting to see Kylo struggle with his newfound position.

With all the power in the galaxy, but more alone than ever, he would have been a great contrast to Darth Vader, Kylo's established role model, who was similarly isolated but spent his entire life in the shadow of the Emperor.

Bringing Palpatine back only exacerbated the fact that the sequel trilogy felt like a rip-off of the original trilogy.

Also, Snoke's "forced retirement" could have split the First Order into two opposing factions, which would have only caused more problems for the new Supreme Leader, who is frankly a terrible boss with his constant temper tantrums.

Seeing Kylo deal with the unforeseen consequences of his actions would have been great for his growth as a character.

If the creators wanted to give him a redemption arc so badly, perhaps having him fight for control of the First Order, and having the First Order eventually collapse through infighting, would have been a more logical, if not better, story than what was ultimately delivered.

But of course, fans got a suddenly resurrected Palpatine out of nowhere, Kylo making a U-degree turn in character after seeing a ghost of his father, and a ridiculously forced final kiss with Rey, making Episode IX one of, if not the most hated movie in the entire franchise.

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