Spider-Man 4 Update Is Bad News For Tom Holland's Peter Parker

Spider-Man 4 Update Is Bad News For Tom Holland's Peter Parker
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The MCU’s depression phase is spreading to one more famous franchise.


  • After Spider-Man 4’s production start this autumn has been revealed, some rumors about a potential plot twist come up to the surface — and they’re not very positive.
  • The MCU ’s main insider Alex Perez claims that the new film will show Spider-Man’s personality prevailing over Peter Parker's as the latter one’s existence will slowly fade over the course of the plot.
  • So far no details about the film’s plot have been confirmed, but it may also include MJ’s big influence (as Zendaya ’s return is confirmed) or rather the main character’s total loneliness.

With the latest news about Doctor Strange 3’s possible shocking plot twists, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Marvel keeps sending sad and life-contemplating ideas for them to settle in other popular MCU’s franchises. Now that Spider-Man 4 is set to be shot this autumn, some rumors about Peter Parker’s dark fate started circulating.

The Cosmic Circus’s Alex Perez (aka the MCU’s main insider) has recently revealed that Tom Holland ’s Spider-Man may have faced radical transformations of personality as Peter Parker has lost all memories of his existence in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Now that the character has to reestablish his relationships with friends and girlfriend MJ, portrayed by Zendaya, as well as to cope with his beloved aunt May’s death, it’s most likely Spider-Man that will get the foreground while Peter Parker himself will gradually fade behind him.

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So, as Perez claims, Spider-Man’s personality will consume Peter Parker’s one little by little leading to the latter becoming more fascinated about his alter-ego rather than himself. And even though it’s so far nothing but a rumor, it still comes from Alex Perez that over the years has proven his trust about everything that happens behind the MCU’s closed doors.

Thus, we can indeed expect something like this to become the essential storyline — with some more personal drama as, after Zendaya’s come-back to the franchise has been confirmed, it can also mean that her character will somehow get back her memories about relationships with Peter Parker.

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Though Marvel may still be very much down for 100% depressing plots — and can also leave the webhead teenager dealing with everything all alone.

Source: The Cosmic Circus