Sony's Tom Hardy-led Venom Has Sort of Ruined It for the MCU

Sony's Tom Hardy-led Venom Has Sort of Ruined It for the MCU
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Do we even need another, Marvel-esque Venom? Or did we maybe get enough from Sony?

It looks like the Spider-Man story within the MCU is only getting started as rumors indicate that a certain villainous symbiote might be on his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Heavy Spoilers, Marvel is planning to focus on the Venom storyline after Spider-Man 4, with the fourth movie dropping some hints for the iconic symbiote storyline as well as the arc with the black suit. However, the black suit itself is being saved up "for a film further down the line."

The YouTuber also noted that Sony's own Venom franchise has actually caused a lot of troubles, as Marvel had initially had "this big plan" to "slowly build up towards the black suit" in the Tom Holland trilogy. However, Sony's successful Tom Hardy- led franchise has sort of ruined it for Marvel.

But now that rumors say Venom is still coming into the MCU in some form, fans are divided on whether that it still a good idea. Many people say they have "zero trust in Feige to adapt Venom". However, some fans are okay with it but only provided that Tom Holland's Peter Parker will have at least one "proper solo movie" without overly relying on cameos and multiverse.

Others suggest a third way.

"Give it to Peter in Secret Wars, let him have it for a whole movie, then make Gargan the MCU's Venom. Doing Eddie Brock a second time would be redundant," one Twitter user insisted.

There is also an opinion that "acknowledging Sony universe was never a good idea", with people arguing that if Marvel didn't look back at all things Sony, it could have done anything it wanted with Venom.

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However, Spider-Man: No Way Home appeared to officially recognize the Sony universe with its Tom Hardy cameo in the end. Basically we know now that the symbiote exists within the MCU, even though it is an alternative dimension.

As of now, however, there is little to no official information on Venom in the MCU and its role in the Tom Holland franchise. It has been widely reported that Holland is about to sign a new massive deal with Marvel in order to appear in at least six more movies, but it has not been confirmed by the studio or the actor.