Slow Horses and 9 Other Apple TV+ Shows to Stream in December If You're Tired of Netflix

Slow Horses and 9 Other Apple TV+ Shows to Stream in December If You're Tired of Netflix
Image credit: Apple TV+

It’s time to give the platform a proper chance to impress you.

Apple TV Plus is one of the best streaming platforms around, even considering it's relatively new to the game. Most of the series released on the platform have already become hits, but there are still many underrated gems that need to be discovered by a wider audience.

Here are ten of the best shows to stream on the platform if you are on your way to exploring what the platform has to offer.

1. The Essex Serpent (2022)

If you love period dramas, check out this one on Apple TV Plus. Set in 2022, The Essex Serpent revolves around a young woman, Cora, who has recently lost her husband and decided to travel to Essex to investigate tales of a snake living in the area. However, her journey there brings her into the arms of another man, the Pastor.

Needless to say, the people of Essex are not fond of her, as they are sure that it was she who brought chaos to their land. The mysterious gothic story gets more and more twisted with each episode.

2. Platonic (2023)

For fans of physical comedy and silly humor, this series is the best thing to watch on the Apple TV+. The show explores the friendship drama between two former best friends facing their own midlife crises. What makes it perfect are the relatable storylines that focus on male-female friendship and the never-ending questions about the ability of having one.

3. Central Park (2020)

If you're a cartoon lover and have already completed all 35 seasons of The Simpsons and 22 seasons of Family Guy, it's time to explore what else the world of animation has to offer.

Central Park is an adorable animated musical series with the visual style of Bob's Burgers, revolving around the Tillerman-Hunter family who live on the grounds of the fictional Edendale Castle. In the first season, the show focuses on the family's attempts to save the famous park from the claws of Bitsy, a wealthy grump who wants to replace the park with condos for rent.

4. Lessons in Chemistry ( 2023)

Brie Larson did an excellent job portraying the amazing chemist who is willing to fight for her life and be considered a worthy representative of science. In a sexist world of the 1960's where everything is about money (and not being a woman), she finds her true soulmate, even though she was cynical about love.

When he tragically dies, she makes it her mission to continue her life's work in chemistry, but life has other lessons for her.

5. Black Bird ( 2022)

This series is 2% away from having the highest Rotten Tomatoes score, but it is still considered one of the best series on Apple TV Plus. Starring Taron Egerton as the main character, a criminal behind bars, the series explores how far a broken man will go to survive the rough life in prison.

When James is offered his freedom in exchange for another inmate's confession, he must make tough decisions to get the most out of the deal. The suspenseful atmosphere of the series makes you watch with your eyes wide open, waiting for the next move of the characters.

6. Silo ( 2023)

The perfect watch for fans of all things dystopian, Silo offers us the world on a planet that has become dangerous to live on. So people are forced to live in a special silo built by their ancestors. After years of believing that the outside is dangerous and impossible to survive, Rebecca Ferguson's character starts her own investigation to find out what's really going on there and why she feels they've all been living in a lie.

7. Shrinking (2023)

How many of us see a therapist on a weekly basis? Well, we're not sure this series will make you see one if you don't need to, but it does provide a closer look at the lives of therapists and their patients, and focuses on how successful and dangerous the new approaches to "shrinking" can be. Starring Jason Segel, the series follows his character as he grapples with the harsh realities of his own life and the many troubled patients he has to help.

8. Slow Horses (2022)

Slow Horses’ creators took the industry by storm, introducing audiences to this intellectual dark comedy. Fans of the show simply adore the dialogue and performances of the cast, especially Gary Oldman, whose character is at the center of the story.

The show revolves around British intelligence agents who have made career-ending mistakes, resulting in their downfall to a forgotten branch of MI5. But it’s not that easy to adjust to the life of an outcast when you used to be a hero.

9. Bad Sisters (2023)

The perfect choice for fans of dark comedy shows is this new series called Bad Sisters. Sharon Horgan, the creator and one of the main stars of the series, created the atmosphere of never-ending suspicion around the central accident of the show: the death of Grace Garvey's husband, John Paul.

The series begins with his funeral, and viewers see how differently the Garvey sisters react to it. While one of the sisters, the wife, is devastated, the other is drinking, the third is late and another sister just doesn't care. It feels so strange that Thomas decided to investigate Paul’s death.

10. Severance ( 2022)

If for some reason you missed the show when it was released, now's the time to check it out. The extremely compelling story at the heart of the show is rich in twists and suspense. Starring Adam Scott as the main character, the series dives deep into the distinction of what exactly work-life balance can be in a fictional and twisted tech world.