Sir Ian McKellen Has Only One Condition to Play Gandalf in the Gollum Spin-Off

Sir Ian McKellen Has Only One Condition to Play Gandalf in the Gollum Spin-Off
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That’s definitely not something we expected to hear from him, but also — fair point.

Last month, it was revealed that a new Lord of the Rings movie was in the works. This came as a major surprise for fans, especially considering how the last attempt — Rings of Power — went, but nonetheless, there’s a prequel film coming right up. There are still many questions about it, though, as little to no details have been disclosed. What do we already know about the original trilogy’s new prequel?

What’s Up With the New LotR Movie?

As surprising as it may sound, the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie will focus on… Gollum . Or, rather, Smeagol — the person who later on becomes Gollum. An intriguing character in his own right, it will definitely be interesting to see Smeagol’s descent into darkness and compare the future pathetic version of him that we already know to the person he once was.

The OG trilogy’s Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, and Philippa Boyens are all back to work on The Hunt for Gollum — but besides its general focus on Gollum, there’s little to nothing known about it. At this point, the biggest speculations among fans revolve around the cast and the characters who will reappear in the upcoming flick.

One of them has already spoken out about his potential return.

Will McKellen Return as Gandalf?

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Sir Ian McKellen is among the most famous and well-respected actors of his generation. At 85 years, the Gandalf star is still going strong, and of course, he couldn’t have missed the news about his iconic franchise’s return. Recently, McKellen spoke to The Times and admitted that he’d heard about Gandalf’s return.

“There is no script, there is no offer, there is no plan. If I’m alive [when production starts, I’ll return]. If you want to know that you are mortal, you just have to look at your address book. And so when a script comes through, or the hint of an offer, you think, ‘This might be my last job. No. I’m not doing that,’” the actor shared.

It seems like his being still alive and kicking by the time the cameras for The Hunt for Gollum start rolling is Sir McKellen’s one and only condition. Otherwise, he’s willing to reprise his most iconic role and bring fans more joy with Gandalf’s company.

Source: The Times