She-Hulk Writers Deliberately Trolled Marvel Show's Haters

She-Hulk Writers Deliberately Trolled Marvel Show's Haters
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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star Tatiana Maslany apparently has a lot of admiration for the head writer of the show, Jessica Gao.

Not only is Gao the first-ever female head writer of the female-led Marvel show, but she is also very conscious about the new world she is creating. The show is constantly very meta about its own existence in the MCU and no one loves it more than its leading actress.

In the recent interview with Variety magazine, the show star Tatiana Maslany admitted that she loved how the writers incorporated the hate messages the show has been getting from some angry white man into the script. She says that trolling the trolls was a great part of the fun for her. "Jessica Gao is a genius and knows about the culture we're living in and her position in it when she's writing these stories about a woman superhero," goes Maslany.

"To even exist as She-Hulk is like a f*ck-you, and I love that," says Maslany, describing the experience in the role.

Fans have already noticed that the backlash and hate messages regarding the series seemed to be immediately incorporated in new episodes like in the real-time show. The main reason was that the writers did use the hate messages the show was getting even before it started filming. The crew admits that they truly enjoyed turning hate into the fuel of the show. And it looks like someone dug the Instagram comments section regarding the announcement of the She-Hulk show with messages like "no more female superhero plz" making the way from the comment section to the screen.

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When asked by Variety how she was able to predict exactly what trolls would be saying, the head writer Jessica Gao admitted,

"The fact that we were able to predict what the reaction was going to be, what a lot of the trolling comments were going to be, really shows how very tired and unoriginal these trolls are. That really tickled me because the little troll that lives inside of me really loves trolling the trolls."

While the She-Hulk show was a lot of fun to watch, it did also address some issues existing in the previously male-dominated comic world. While She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is not the first "woke" show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is definitely the most conscious one about its own "wokeness."