Sex Education S4 Trailer Has Fans Riled Up for One Particular Family Reunion

Sex Education S4 Trailer Has Fans Riled Up for One Particular Family Reunion
Image credit: Netflix

Sex Education is approaching its final season, and the trailer looks promising.

Netflix has recently released the season 4 trailer for Sex Education, and fans have already found a ton of clues as to what is coming.

One scene featuring Adam and his dad in the car looks particularly fun. The Groff men seem to be going on a road trip (with Adam behind the wheel), and something must be going wrong since they are screaming in terror. Hopefully, Adam won’t follow his ex-girlfriend’s example and run someone over!

Adam and Michael’s storyline is one of the fans’ favorite subplots in the entire show. Sex Education has been trying to mend the father-son relationship for three seasons, and it might just succeed in the series’ final season.

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In season 3, Mr. Groff was at his lowest – he lost his job, his wife and son didn’t trust him anymore, and he wasn’t happy in general. Adam wasn’t doing much better, unable to come to terms with his sexuality and his feelings for Eric properly. However, Adam and Michael may be just on the right track to solving at least some of their problems.

Judging by that scene in the season 4 trailer, the Groffs will be spending more quality time together and doing what they do best – goofing around despite everything that is happening around them. We can’t wait to see more father-son bonding moments, and a road trip could be the perfect opportunity for that!

Adam and Michael are not the only characters in for a shakeup in season 4. The upcoming season will also explore Otis and Ruby’s relationship more closely and likely from a different angle. The trailer would even have fans believe that they might be the endgame couple! Maeve needs to get back to Moordale ASAP!

Season 4 of Sex Education premieres on September 2.