Sex Education S4: Here's What Fans Think Will Happen to Main Characters

Sex Education S4: Here's What Fans Think Will Happen to Main Characters
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What are we looking for in the new season?

Sex Education has become a smash hit on Netflix, following the uncomfortable sexual discoveries of British high school students.

The end of the show's season 3 brought a few big twists as Moordale school closed its doors for good and Maeve took up a writing course in America.

So the upcoming season 4 is going to be really different from what we are used to. A bunch of characters will be leaving the show, and for those who will still be in the series, we think things will be completely changed.

Although it's still hard to predict anything, fans gave it a try.

For example, what future can Otis possibly have? The promo pictures for the upcoming season 4 even showed him together with his former love interest, Ruby.

It's quite intriguing because last season ended with him and Maeve finally opening up about their feelings for each other.

But after that, she took the course in America and left him alone. So this could be the reason for Otis to reunite with Ruby and finally make him fully commit to this relationship.

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As for Maeve, it's pretty obvious she will face the struggle of her choices. Choosing her studies over a boy she loves definitely wasn't easy for her.

Still, the promos showed her with Dan Levy's new character, presumably her tutor, which suggests a storyline between the two. So maybe she won't be lonely on the other side of the world after all…

Other major characters in the show are Eric and Adam. Fans are sure that their stories in season 4 will be mostly about their own journeys into discovering new things about their personalities.

With their sexuality finally out in the open, it is only natural that two former lovers will try to understand more about themselves.

Well, to be honest, the most interesting part for us was when we finally got to find out what the writers were going to do with Dr. Jean's storyline.

At the end of season 3, she gave birth to a baby girl. And now it's pretty clear that the new season is going to focus on her co-parenting the newborn with her ex-boyfriend Jakub.

So it seems like we have a lot of changes ahead of us.

And the only thing we can do is wait a few months until season 4 is released on Netflix, which will most likely happen in the fall of 2023.