See Tatiana Maslany Before and After CGI Treatment in She-Hulk

See Tatiana Maslany Before and After CGI Treatment in She-Hulk
Image credit: Disney+

Watching behind the scenes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will make you appreciate the job Tatiana Maslany did on the set even more.

The very nature of Marvel superheroes makes visual effects and post-production an integral part of creating a Marvel movie or series. How else would you bring all the incredible superpowers to life? However, with She-Hulk, the creators went even further than usual and created the main character from scratch, making her the first digital human to lead a Marvel series.

Such challenging concept required hard work from both the visual effects team and the lead actress, Tatiana Maslany. Besides the usual challenges actors face in movies full of special effects like reacting to events and characters that are not actually there, Tatiana had to put up with some very uncomfortable gadgets according to a video recently published by Marvel Entertainment.

The process of creating a fully CG character is extremely complicated, as visual effects supervisors Shannon Justison and Dadi Einarsson explained in the video. Though the Marvel series team had Tatiana Maslany playing She-Hulk, her acting was only used as a kind of 'skeleton' for the digital character.

All the movements, facial expressions, emotions, and even motions of She-Hulk's clothes had to be created off the ground using the information from the set as a base. That's why petabytes of data had to be collected on set.

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It means that while playing Jennifer Walters's alter ego, Tatiana Maslany wore all kinds of ridiculous gadgets, as you can see in Marvel Entertainment's video. Besides a motion capture suit and a face full of tracking dots, the actress had to wear a helmet with a camera capturing her facial expressions and emotions and a head extension with a hilarious headshot so that other actors would know where to look when interacting with the hulked-up character.

Justison and Einarsson also said that the visual effects team didn't take the easy road and created 25 full outfits for the attorney at law instead of one or two usual for CG characters.

Apparently, every thread and button needed to be created and act realistically for different situations She-Hulk was in like going to work, chilling at home, working out, or even attending a gala evening in a gorgeous sparkling dress. One costume was shown to be torn to shreds when Walters hulked out, and it was also due to the amazing work of the visual effects team.