Saw X’s Cut Scene That Would Have Filled the Gap in the Franchise’s Timeline

Saw X’s Cut Scene That Would Have Filled the Gap in the Franchise’s Timeline
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How many enemies does John Kramer have exactly?

In a recent revelation that has the horror film community buzzing, Josh Stolberg, the creative force behind Saw X, the latest installment in the enduring Saw franchise, has unearthed a hidden gem — a deleted scene that may have added a fascinating layer to the series' complicated storyline.

Set in the eerie space between the events of the first and second films, Saw X artfully takes fans of the franchise back in time. Here, we are plunged into a spine-tingling tale in which John Kramer travels to Mexico in search of a cure for cancer, but ends up trapping a group of shady scammers who peddle him a questionable treatment.

While the movie tips its hat to its predecessors and nods to longtime fans with the return of Amanda, Jigsaw's original protégé, it's Stolberg's recent revelation that has generated significant attention.

On his X page, Stolberg shared a glimpse of a deleted scene from the film that would have taken us back to a pivotal moment in Saw 6, unlocking a treasure house of connections and references within the extended Saw cinematic universe.

This scene would have shown Jigsaw orchestrating a bone-chilling ordeal involving a doomed victim and a tank filled with hungry piranhas. The victim would have been none other than an insurance salesman employed by William Easton, a character we met in Saw 6 (via X).

In Saw 6, William Easton is a high-ranking executive at Umbrella Health Insurance, overseeing treatment coverage requests using a controversial formula that often denies coverage to seriously ill clients.

William's encounter with John Kramer, who questions the ethics of his formula, sets the stage for their future complex relationship. Despite Kramer's appeals, William repeatedly denies his requests for coverage, and it leads to a confrontation in which John makes subtle threats. This interaction then becomes a pivotal moment in the development of Jigsaw's character.

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After William Easton failed to help John Kramer obtain an experimental cancer treatment in Norway, he ended up enduring his own test in Jigsaw's brutal games, set up by Kramer's other protégé, Mark Hoffman.

Not only do Saw 6 and Saw X share thematic parallels, but they also have a deep connection in terms of their narratives. Both movies revolve around Jigsaw's relentless quest for vengeance against those who took advantage of his cancer diagnosis.

The untapped potential of integrating the William Easton-named Saw 6 flashback into Saw X underscores the latest installment's genius for weaving established plot elements into the franchise's ever-evolving timeline. The lingering question remains: is Saw X truly the franchise's swan song?

As fans speculate about the possibility of future installments, the franchise's timeline holds the promise of further revelations, unraveling the intricate web of connections and references that have become the hallmark of the Saw series.

With each unveiled scene and revelation, the Saw saga continues as an evolving and compelling cinematic journey that we believe will keep fans on the edge of their seats for at least a few more years.

Source: X (formerly Twitter)