Robert Downey Jr in Fast & Furious? It's a Yes From Vin Diesel

Robert Downey Jr in Fast & Furious? It's a Yes From Vin Diesel
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Fast & Furious franchise has grown out of 2001 race car movie to this juggernaut of a box office hit, known for its over-the-top stunts, A-list actors, and FAMILY.

The tenth film in the Fast Saga, titled simply Fast X, is set to come out this May. The series also includes a spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, and a variety of other project, on and off-screen, that are linked to the core movies.

If we were to present a list with all the actors who played or are yet to star in the Fast & Furious movies, at the end of it you would probably forget what we were even talking about.

Simply put, the series that has already brought in over $6 billion dollars, has its share of major Hollywood faces attached to it.

As if the current iteration of the series wasn't loaded on stars enough, it seems like there are two particular actors who the faces of the Fast Saga, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, would love to invite to the set.

In a short, yet very memorable interview with Variety, Diesel, for one, expressed his desire to bring in Iron Man himself, Robert Downy Jr, for the next movie.

Because yes, Fast X is currently presumed to be the penultimate entry in the Fast Saga. Which means there's still room in the next movie for major Hollywood players to pop up.

Diesel even knows what part RDJ could play: an "antithesis of Dom," whatever that might mean. But when asked whether he has already pitched the idea to RDJ himself, Vin Diesel jokingly dodged the question.

The same question of a dream cast for the next movie was also addressed to Michelle Rodriguez, who named another legendary actor, known for both his dramatic and action roles: Matt Damon.

So, come on, Matt Damon, we all heard that Michelle Rodriguez "****ing want[s]" you to star in the next Fast movie, don't let her down. Or us.

As if the fans weren't hyped enough for the conclusion of the Fast Saga, the anticipation now will be even stronger than Dominic Toretto's love for his family.