Reddit's Verdict: House of the Dragon Outdoes Game of Thrones

Reddit's Verdict: House of the Dragon Outdoes Game of Thrones
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Is the prequel better than the original show? According to many fans, yes.

HBO Max 's House of the Dragon has brought everyone back into the universe of Game of Thrones, albeit a couple of centuries earlier. And while many people still consider Game of Thrones as some kind of unbeatable classic, some fans are starting to think that the prequel might actually be superior to the original due to a handful of reasons.

What fans really love about House of the Dragon is how it focuses on fewer characters and gives viewers time to bond with every single one of them, while also making sure that dragons are done right and receive enough action.

Besides, the prequel has less violence than GoT and "much [more] delicate sex depiction for female gaze".

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Naturally, it is all a matter of taste (as we remember, some just prefer roast duck to goose...). With many arguing that House of the Dragon is unlikely to ever match with "peak GoT", they do not rule out the prequel actually managing to keep up the good quality unlike Game of Thrones, which, according to many fans, "degraded" in season 7 and 8.

Many people also noted that House of the Dragon had them caught up much faster than the first season of Game of Thrones.

"For me, HOTD season 1 is superior to GOT season 1. We have to wait to see if they can maintain this level but I really believe that this show has the potential to be overall better than GOT has been," Redditor Fil_77 said.

Game of Thrones stans, in turn, argue that the original show had better political drama and "a way better story" with many moving parts to follow, while House of the Dragon appears to be "a straightforward family issue with Dragons."

It might still be too soon to judge, though. House of the Dragon is on its way to season 2, which will focus on the Targaryen civil war we know as the Dance of the Dragons, and it's likely that the sequel will do its best to beat the first season.

HBO Max has not yet scheduled the premiere date for season 2, but the shooting is set to kick off in early 2023.