Reddit Just Unveiled a Perfect Skrull Fan Theory About The MCU's Phase 4

Reddit Just Unveiled a Perfect Skrull Fan Theory About The MCU's Phase 4
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As the release of the Disney+ series 'Secret Invasion' approaches, MCU fans have begun to wonder what the Skrulls have been up to in the past couple of years.

Marvel Studios finally introduced the Skrulls into its cinematic universe in 'Captain Marvel' back in 2019, but since then, these shape-shifting alien invaders have been staying surprisingly low-profile. That will change in a year or so when Disney+ finally releases the long-awaited 'Secret Invasion ' series starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos.

But fans refuse to believe that the crafty Skrulls were simply absent from the events of the recent MCU movies, believing that Feige and Co. are somehow setting up their story in the most unexpected way.

In a recent thread on Reddit, one fan came up with an unexpected but utterly brilliant theory – every Phase 4 movie featured a Skrull in the guise of a previously well-known character.

So, who was it in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'?

The most popular choice is Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), Strange's ex-girlfriend. The thing is, Christine quickly moved on from Strange's disappearance during the Snap, and given the recent information about 'Secret Invasion' taking place during those seminal 5 years, fans are convinced that she was kidnapped and replaced by a Skrull in an attempt to get close to Earth's most powerful wizard. The theory, of course, has its flaws, but given that McAdams' character is not as important as the other characters in the movie, it is no less convincing.

Another possible Skrull is Wong (Benedict Wong). Yes, Strange's beloved sidekick is also suspected by fans of foul play. The arguments for this are similar to Christine's – Wong changed a lot during the Blip, and him from the first 'Doctor Strange' movie looks nothing like Wong from Phase Four.

Not all fans support this theory, citing ample evidence that Wong has changed because of the enormous responsibility he's had during Strange's 5-year absence. Nevertheless, the prospect that Wong has been Skrull all this time is quite interesting, to say the least.