Reddit Has Some Ideas About Captain Carter's Upcoming Marvel Project

Reddit Has Some Ideas About Captain Carter's Upcoming Marvel Project
Image credit: Marvel Studios

With the recent news that Hayley Atwell's character might be getting a solo MCU project, fans are wondering what direction this movie or series should take.

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' introduced many exciting new characters, but it was Captain Carter that really got people talking. First seen in the Disney+ animated series 'What If…?', the all-new look of the beloved character puzzled many fans, so Feige's decision to extend her story for a possible solo project baffled them even more. Fans fear that the new version of Peggy Carter will be entirely derivative of Captain America, and her new adventures might turn out to be a bore.

In a recent thread on Reddit Marvel fans tried to figure out how this new project could be saved, exchanging ideas and pondering what helped the original Peggy Carter become a great character in the short-lived ABC series.

The main idea that all fans agreed on was not to create a new personality for Atwell's character, because her quirkiness and charisma have already been tested and proven successful. Fans are obviously annoyed with the whole 'Captain Carter' moniker, which clearly takes away Carter's own identity, making her essentially a "clone" of Steve Rogers.

Some fans are outraged that a solo Captain Carter project is even being discussed, urging Feige to reconsider Marvel's creative strategy and include more new characters instead of reinventing already familiar ones.