Real Reason Kim & Pete Broke Up Revealed, and It's Davidson's Personality-Related

Real Reason Kim & Pete Broke Up Revealed, and It's Davidson's Personality-Related
Image credit: Legion-Media

Kim and Pete's breakup interests fans just as much, if not more, than their romance, which lasted less than a year.

The official reason that the celebrities voiced to the public was the very busy schedules that did not allow Kim and Pete to devote enough time to each other and their relationship. Sounds logical: Kardashian has to spend a lot of time filming her reality TV show, developing her beauty business and raising four children, while Davidson, after leaving Saturday Night Live, began actively developing his film career and right now is on the set of his next project in Australia.

However, being super-busy is only part of the problem, as it turns out. Another huge part is age difference: in the end, Kim's and Pete's personalities, lifestyles and life goals are just too different to match easily.

It's not like Pete Davidson's a bad person – that's not the case at all. It's just he and Kim are in very different places at the moment, according to Page Six source. It's completely understandable: after all, Pete's 28 and Kim's 41, with a lot of family-related responsibilities. Insiders claim that Davidson was much more spontaneous, impulsive even: for example, he could easily suggest that Kim go to New York to see him.

Kim, for her part, can't just hop on a plane on such short notice – after all, she has four children and her own business, which needs constant supervision. Kim is a really dedicated mother, and her kids always come first. Ultimately, this need to "juggle" her personal life, her role as mother and businesswoman has left Kim feeling "totally exhausted by this relationship." Apparently that was the main reason for their breakup.

Despite their different lifestyles and the breakup that followed after several months of a whirlwind romance, Kim and Pete continue to be friends and have nothing but love and respect for each other.