Real Reason Jane Foster Had Cancer? A Single Infinity Stone, Fan Theory Says

Real Reason Jane Foster Had Cancer? A Single Infinity Stone, Fan Theory Says
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Did the Reality Stone mess with Jane Foster's health?

Jane Foster, the brilliant astrophysicist who stole Thor's heart, left us in 2013 and returned only 9 years after, in Thor: Love and Thunder. In the movie, she is diagnosed with cancer, but Mjölnir eventually saves her, and she becomes Mighty Thor.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe always adds its own twist to comic book stories. In Thor: Ragnarok, we learned that Thor's power comes from within him, not from Mjolnir. However, Jane's powers as Mighty Thor came from Mjolnir.

The trick is that every time she transforms into Thor, it negates her chemotherapy treatments. So, while she feels invincible as Mighty Thor, her human form suffers, making her condition even worse.

But did you know what exactly led to her cancer? One popular fan theory suggests that her exposure to the Aether, also known as the Reality Stone, in Thor: The Dark World, might have been the reason.

In the movie, Jane becomes a vessel for the Aether for a short period. While it seemed like she recovered after Malekith extracted it, the Aether could have left a lasting impact, altering her DNA and leading to her cancer diagnosis.

Fans on Reddit have been buzzing about this for years. The theory suggests that Jane's prolonged exposure to the Reality Stone gave her "super-cancer," a condition so severe that not even advanced alien tech or magic could cure it.

This could also explain why she broke up with Thor; she didn't want him to feel guilty or worry about her condition.

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Thor: Love and Thunder mostly disappointed fans. The theory about the Aether being the origin of Jane’s cancer wasn’t confirmed, adding to the list of reasons why the movie left people feeling let down.

The movie didn't confirm the theory at all, and they also didn't give any other reasons. This suggests that her cancer is just a regular kind that many people get.

It’s a shame, because if Marvel had confirmed this theory, it could have helped them keep up the consistency they used to nail in their earlier movies. A bunch of fans still believe in the theory even though it didn't get an official nod.

Source: Reddit