Penny is the Most Relatable TBBT Character, and This Scene Proves It

Penny is the Most Relatable TBBT Character, and This Scene Proves It
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Whether it's Minecraft or Genshin Impact, you know how messy gaming can end up.

The Big Bang Theory has always been so appealing to many simply because there are so many relatable characters for the audience to relate to.

Whether it is money struggles, confidence issues, or a general inability to relate to others, everyone can find a scene in the show that makes them say "Oh, same."

However, one episode (and one particular scene) involving Penny would be too familiar for too many viewers at once.

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Early in the show's second season, in the episode The Barbarian Sublimation, Penny was introduced to online gaming by her neighbor Sheldon.

We're sure you know where this is going because almost everyone has had that moment.

One minute you're watching over your friend's shoulder on their screen and trying to understand what's going on, the next you're learning how to play yourself.

A few days go by, you've completed a few quests, you've reached a few new levels, and now you can't stop playing the game at all.

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That's how gaming addiction develops for hundreds of thousands of Americans, and that's exactly what happened to Penny.

She ended up sitting with her laptop, playing in the dark of the night, completely sleepless, in dirty clothes, with unbrushed hair.

Everyone can relate to this image. If you're not a fan of competitive gaming, you've probably spent a few nights building your Sims' houses or watching someone's Android: Become Human stream for the 5th time.

If there is one takeaway from this, it is that addictions are much more common than we think.

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If it was a topic worth mentioning in 2008, when the episode just aired, 15 years later, with technology taking over every aspect of our lives, it really is important to check in with yourself often.

There's nothing wrong with being a passionate hardcore gamer, but too much of a good thing can quickly become very bad, and Penny's story was just more proof of that.