Pedro Pascal Compares Gladiator II to Game of Thrones in a Heart-Wrenching Way

Pedro Pascal Compares Gladiator II to Game of Thrones in a Heart-Wrenching Way
Image credit: Paramount Pictures, HBO

The Malta set of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator II left The Mandalorian star in absolute awe.

Despite having been an actor for many years, Pedro Pascal was first noticed by the major audiences in Game of Thrones and only rose to prominence after booking his two biggest TV show gigs in The Mandalorian and The Last of Us. Since then, Pascal has become the go-to actor for countless projects, now working with the biggest directors of this century — and being excited by their approach.

Pedro Pascal Returns to Malta for Gladiator II

As we previously mentioned, Pedro Pascal first rose to prominence when he played Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. Despite not having a lot of screen time, his Red Viper left fans absolutely enamored — and consequently, devastated after his brutal death. Pascal’s entire arc in Game of Thrones was filmed on Malta.

Years later, the actor returned to Malta to assume the role of Roman general Acacius in Ridley Scott ’s Gladiator II, the sequel to his iconic 2000 historical drama. Now, HBO’s biggest TV show was no pushover, but Pedro Pascal claims that whatever Scott put together on Malta for his movie far surpasses what Game of Thrones had.

Pascal Fell in Love with Gladiator II’s Malta Set

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No one in their right mind would call Pascal an inexperienced actor: he’s done many things, seen even more, and been to countless sets and places. We don’t think it’s easy to impress The Last of Us star at this point, but Ridley Scott pulled it off — according to Pascal, he’d never seen anything like Gladiator II’s Malta set before.

“It was like taking Game of Thrones and multiplying the size in a big way. I’ve been on such big sets — and I have never seen anything like this!” The actor shared with Vanity Fair.

This alone sounds promising, because for all its sins, Game of Thrones had spectacular sets. But honestly, there’s little to no need to keep selling Gladiator II to us: ever since we learned there will be aquatic battles in the Colosseum, we’ve been properly sat down. Pedro Pascal’s comments only fueled the flame of anticipation that was already burning.

Source: Vanity Fair