Pedro Pascal & 6 More Actors Almost Cast in The Vampire Diaries

Pedro Pascal & 6 More Actors Almost Cast in The Vampire Diaries
Image credit: Legion-Media

"What ifs" are some of the most fun speculations, and this list is filled with them.

Here we have a line-up of the actors that almost got their place in one of the most popular teen TV series of the 2010s, "The Vampire Diaries ", and now we can dream of the series that has never been. And so can you.

The impact of The Vampire Diaries both on pop culture and the careers of its stars, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, cannot be downplayed.

The vampire hysteria that has been ignited by "Twilight " a few years prior has been steadily supported by this show that became popular on its own and branched into a full-fledged franchise.

Some of the actors that auditioned for the roles in this series could've had their breakthrough moment earlier, but the producers decided to go for the lesser known names.

And honestly, we're happy that Pedro Pascal didn't get the role; otherwise, he'd flood the Tumblr in the mid-2010s. Still, thinking about the characters that we're so familiar with being portrayed by completely different people, with different mannerisms and different voices, is a fun way to get a bit of a brain gymnastics.