Outlander’s Star Gave Tony Curran Most Precious Advice for the Prequel

Outlander’s Star Gave Tony Curran Most Precious Advice for the Prequel
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It might also be the most important life lesson.


  • Throughout its 7 seasons, Outlander has remained one of the most compelling period dramas due to its sci-fi element.
  • The news that the prequel, Blood of My Blood, is in production has spread like wildfire across the internet.
  • But Outlander star Sam Heughan says the most important part of working on a show like this is having fun.

To say that Tony Curran is on a roll right now would be an understatement. After the big news of his casting in a prequel to the iconic sci-fi period drama Outlander, the actor got caught up in promoting another of his shows that won't premiere in the U.S. until April 5, Mary & George.

Having starred in projects such as Outlaw King and Defiance, as well as killing it as Vincent van Gogh in one of Doctor Who 's most heartfelt episodes, Curran is no stranger to working under pressure. However, jumping into the franchise so beloved by so many viewers can be quite nerve-wracking.

Luckily, Sam Heughan, who stars in Outlander as Jamie Fraser, was on hand to give his fellow actor the best advice possible to ease his mind.

Sam Heughan’s Advice for the Outlander Newcomer

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Anyone entering a pre-existing world has a lot of responsibility, whether they want it or not. The fans will expect nothing less than the excellence of the original story, and if there is any chance of screwing it up, they will point it out mercilessly. But if the new installment is a success, it's destined to get twice as much love and appreciation.

Like all of his recently announced Outlander prequel co-stars, Tony Curran must have been thrilled to land a role in a project as beloved as Blood of My Blood already is. What's even better is that there were some people who were immediately ready to back him up.

The actor recalled connecting with current Outlander star Sam Heughan and getting some of the sweetest advice on how to approach the new show:

“I’ve spoken to Sam [Heughan] a few times, looking for Scotland v England rugby tickets. <...> He’s just been nice, he’s a sweetheart, he was like ‘just have a good time’ and telling me about the producers, the crew and what the experience might be like. Ultimately, he was like ‘I think you should do it and I think you’ll have a great time,’” he said.

Even though Blood of My Blood will be a standalone prequel and it's unlikely that Heughan will appear in it, it's still nice to see the actors working in the same universe supporting each other. After all, the show will tell the love story of Jamie's parents, so it's only in his best interest to see it go well.

If you're not familiar with Tony Curran, you can wait until April 5 to see the actor in a period setting as King James I of Mary & George

And if you can't wait for Outlander's prequel, Blood of My Blood, to hit theaters, keep an eye out for all the news and behind-the-scenes updates so you don't miss a premiere date.