Oppenheimer Aside: Nolan Is Ready to Move On to Cult Franchise

Oppenheimer Aside: Nolan Is Ready to Move On to Cult Franchise
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Can you think of a better candidate to direct the next James Bond movie?

James Bond has been brought to the big screen by a host of notable filmmakers, and it's no wonder that some of today's most successful creators want to helm the highest-grossing film series of all time.

Christopher Nolan is among the few directors who has managed to achieve the title of auteur without compromising commercial success. Nolan had the will and the talent to promote his original ideas in a Hollywood sinking in remakes, earning a fortune and gaining worldwide popularity with his movies.

Shooting "smart" multi-million dollar blockbusters, the filmmaker is famously critical of overusing digital effects and strongly advocates that his movies are released in theaters. Nolan is supported by a huge army of cinephiles around the world who praise the director's artistic genius.

Throughout his career, Christopher Nolan has occasionally mentioned that he is a fan of the James Bond franchise, and in a recent interview, he also admitted that he would be honored to direct one of the movies.

"The influence of those movies in my filmography is embarrassingly apparent. It would be an amazing privilege to do one. At the same time, when you take on a character like that, you're working with a particular set of constraints," the director said.

Despite the fact that the Bond movies have been made by different directors with different actors in the lead roles, the franchise is a long-established universe with its own rules and distinctive features. Nolan understands that perfectly and seems willing to accept the rules of the game.

Nolan's previous film, Tenet, has been compared to Bond by many. Some people even say that Tenet, with its ingenious special effects and extravagant sets, is a must-see for all fans of the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies.

Although the plot of Tenet is full of sci-fi elements, many viewers are convinced that this movie is Nolan's honest take on the 007 series. Even the film's synopsis generally looks 100% like one of the descriptions of Bond's adventures, where an undercover agent goes on a secret mission to prevent the end of the world.

So far, Christopher Nolan looks like the perfect candidate to direct the next bunch of James Bond movies. Staying true to the rules of the franchise and his own artistic vision, he could totally reinvigorate the character, making his story even more iconic.

Source: Deadline