One Very Strict Rule Cillian Murphy Already Set For His Next Character

One Very Strict Rule Cillian Murphy Already Set For His Next Character
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Sometimes you just have to prioritize yourself over the art.

Cillian Murphy has to be one of the most talked about celebrities right now and for good reason. With the premiere of Christopher Nolan 's Oppenheimer, the actor is just one step away from becoming the next big name in Hollywood.

Already praised for his previous work in productions both big and small, Murphy is not the type to take fame well. It's been said many times that the actor would be quite content with just acting and staying out of the spotlight for any press rounds and interviews.

However, since avoiding the media seems to be absolutely impossible right now, the actor is doing his best to explain every aspect of his craft. It's no secret that Cillian Murphy enjoys more complex characters, even if they are more challenging for him as an actor. But it's a challenge he's willing to take on.

While discussing J. Robert Oppenheimer's unhealthy lifestyle with The Guardian, Murphy mentioned the extremes he had to endure as an actor to portray his character. To do justice and give an honest performance, he went into a hyper-state and deprived himself of food, not only to lose weight but to keep that state active.

Aside from everything he had to go through in the process of creating Oppenheimer, the actor also mentioned one thing he would try to avoid in his next role:

“I’ve smoked so many fake cigarettes for Peaky and this. My next character will not be a smoker. They can’t be good for you. Even herbal cigarettes have health warnings now,” Murphy explained.

The desire to take care of his own health is understandable. Considering how much the actor had to change to fit the role of Oppenheimer, and the toll that change must have taken on his body, staying away from anything that might be harmful would be a very wise decision.

Besides, there's no way Cillian Murphy won't have plenty of opportunities after the film's official premiere on July 21. Be sure to get your tickets to your local theater to see an actor in action on the big screen!

Source: The Guardian