One Unexplained Silo Mystery Makes Us Feel Like It Was an Honest Mistake

One Unexplained Silo Mystery Makes Us Feel Like It Was an Honest Mistake
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We know we have a second season to provide answers, but this particular question looks like it's more of a misdirection than a planned mystery.

As the Silo fandom waits for the second season of the Apple TV Plus' new sci-fi hit, the first chapter has plenty of secrets to unveil. However, some of those secrets might just be occasional plot holes after all.

One such mystery that was left unanswered in the first season is that weird cafeteria flicker. Remember when power went out in the entire Silo, leaving it in the dark? There was one moment when the windows in the cafeteria suddenly showed the green and picturesque landscapes instead of the grey desolation the visitors usually had to observe.

Well, season 1 ended (with a cliffhanger, naturally), but we are still in the dark about what it was exactly.

So far, it's unclear whether the windows have been switched for screens, or if it was a simple misdirection by the show's creators. Redditors, for instance, tend to lean to the latter.

According to the majority of the fans, the cafeteria flicker is nothing short of an unresolved story arc that the creators decided not to pursue. However, there are theories as to what the flicker could mean.

"My thinking was that at some point the plan had been to show the paradise version of outside on the monitor as a way to create a nice space and boost morale. But as the Silos got more draconian/after attempts to leave they decided to use the current fear campaign instead, and replaced the fake footage, instituted cleaning etc," Redditor FenrisCain said.

The season finale revealed that the outside is indeed a dystopian landscape, but filled with dozens of other Silos, which makes Juliette Nichols' journey even more intriguing and bone-chilling. Just how long will her taped suit last, and will she even be able to return to her initial Silo to take care of the people she loves?

We have to wait and see, and amid the ongoing joint strikes, we might wait a little bit longer than planned. Until then, the first season of Silo is available for streaming on Apple TV Plus.

Source: Reddit