One The Boys Scene Was So Disturbing, Prime Video Had to Intervene

One The Boys Scene Was So Disturbing, Prime Video Had to Intervene
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The only thing the studio (kinda) veto-ed.

One of the best and worst things about The Boys is the way the show doesn't shy away from any form of violence and shock content. Some see this as the show's greatest strength, as not many shows can be as brutal, while others turn away from the show because they cannot handle it. One thing is for sure, The Boys is not a show for the faint of heart.

The creative freedom to do almost anything the writers can come up with is what makes streaming platforms so appealing as opposed to cable. However, there are still some solid laws to follow, and The Boys has already come very close to crossing that line once.

The Boys’ Most Brutal Scene

You could argue that there is no character in The Boys' universe who is not extremely messed up, and you would be right. However, it is The Deep who gets some of the most disturbing scenes of them all, mostly having to do with sexual assault and harassment. And it's not just humans who end up as his victims.

Speaking to The Movie Dweeb, the creator of the scandalous show, Eric Kripke, revealed one of the subjects that caused the most concern on Prime Video:

“Funny enough, the only thing they said to me all season was – and we weren't going to do it anyway – was 'Can you just, maybe, not have The Deep f#cking an octopus in so many scenes?' because bestiality is a real tricky line for standards. And they said 'we're not saying you can't do it. We're just saying, can you be a little more elegant in how you depict it?”

Fortunately, as Kripke noted, the show had no intention of adding any more scenes as disturbing as this one. Still, it just goes to show that The Boys must be very precious to the studio to be so gentle in setting boundaries.

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Everything else, from the unjustified violence to the gory and bloody murders, is here to stay. So if you expect The Boys to lose its spice when it comes to such scenes, you are very much mistaken. In fact, as many fans believe, season 4 is the most ruthless so far, and the further it goes, the worse it gets.

So, if you're already used to The Boys' universe and ready to have your stomach turned, you can stream the first three episodes of season 4 on Prime Video today.

Source: The Movie Dweeb on YouTube