One Pairing Attack on Titan Final Season Should Steer Clear Of

One Pairing Attack on Titan Final Season Should Steer Clear Of
Image credit: Crunchyroll

While some fans are still trying to recover from the penultimate final episode of Attack on Titan, others are wondering if the anime even needs a love story between Armin and Annie.

Attack on Titan fans has celebrated ships like Mikasa and Eren, but Armin and Annie's interactions in the latest episode have raised a lot of questions.

The popular belief is that love interest between the two characters seemed to come out of nowhere, as the mangaka didn't know what to do with Annie's character at the end of the story.

The characters barely interacted with each other during the entire anime, so the sudden feelings seem more than a bit far-fetched.

Armin was talking to Annie all the time while she was trapped in the stone, but it was all happening "behind the scenes."

"Yeah, but... talking to someone who never responds... for 4 years? after interracting with her like twice? it's one of the most shallow ships in the entire show.

Armin had better chemistry with like 20 other people, and Annie's only purpose to come back was basically only this. I guess Isayama didn't know what to do with her," Reddit user DefNot Maty said.

However, there are also those who do not agree with this point of view.

They recall that Armin was interested in Annie from the very beginning of the anime — viewers can often see frames of the two of them communicating, but it always happens in the background, so many people just missed it.

In addition, Armin later received Berthold's Titan, and not only his memories were transferred to him, but also his feelings for Annie.

"It's rough, because in universe it makes sense. Armin spoke to Annie in her crystal for years. Not only that, he inherited Bertholds memories, who also had a crush on Annie, so any feelings would be magnified. And Annie really appreciated him for taking the time to talk to her," Reddit user ciknay commented.

At the end of the day, almost all fans agree that if Armin and Annie had more screen time, their feelings for each other would have seemed more organic.

The fans will be able to find out if humanity survived The Rumbling only in the fall of 2023, when the final episode will be released.