One Barbie Joke That We Will Never Forvige Greta Gerwig for Cutting

One Barbie Joke That We Will Never Forvige Greta Gerwig for Cutting
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Barbie is seeing so much success and recognition that one little joke wouldn’t really make a difference… or would it?

Greta Gerwig’s latest project is taking over the world. Barbenheimer is the Internet’s new favorite meme, Mattel is thinking about launching its own MCU, and pink is back in style. All that is thanks to Barbie!

The movie already has so much meta humor, irony, and satire that everyone has enjoyed, but Margot Robbie has just revealed that there used to be even more! In an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb, the actress shared one hilarious joke that Barbie was supposed to feature.

Robbie repeatedly heard fans saying that she looked like Sex Education star Emma Mackey (and some people even mistakenly thought they were the same person) so much that she and Gerwig teamed up to devise a plan. Apparently, they cast Mackey as one of the Barbies because they wanted to make a look-alike joke at some point in the movie.

However, once Margot and Emma “got all dressed up” as their respective Barbies, they found out that they didn’t look as similar as everyone thought. Considering that Mackey now has brown hair, and Robbie is blonde, it makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t.

In season 1 of Sex Education, Mackey’s character was blonde though, and a lot of people wouldn’t bet their money that it wasn’t Robbie!

Anyway, Emma’s Barbie and Margot’s Barbie looked so different that Gerwig decided not to include the joke. We were robbed of such a meta moment…

Robbie said that people still came up to her as Emma Mackey and complimented her on her acting game in Sex Education. The actress has seemingly given up on correcting fans, so she just says thank you whenever something like that happens.

Joke or not, it was nice to see Emma Mackey and Margot Robbie together in Barbie nonetheless. Maybe next time Mackey goes blonde, they could still do the look-alike joke in another production (or Barbie 2)?

Have you ever mixed up the two actresses?