Olivia Wilde's Net Worth Is Surprisingly Lower Than You Would've Thought

Olivia Wilde's Net Worth Is Surprisingly Lower Than You Would've Thought
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Net worth of one celebrity or another is often mentioned on the net, including this site.

But it is quite important to remember that most of the time information we have about celebrities' fortunes is little more than educated guesswork.

Said information is put together by collecting public data (big salaries that have been reported, real estate prices, etc.), but inevitably these methods leave blanks, which cannot be filled up without some significant degree of speculation. In particular, we usually have only limited information on celebrities' expenditures – as a rule, we can see only the most conspicuous purchases.

And in very rare cases when a celebrity's net worth becomes verified public information, it is often easy to notice the divergence between estimates and reality.

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Case in point, let's look at Olivia Wilde, probably best known for her role as Remy "Thirteen" Hadley on House. The wealth sleuths at Celebrity Net Worth, which information is most often used whenever someone on the net needs to check how much money a celebrity has, put her wealth, which resulted from her earnings as an actress and, later, as a director, plus her real estate investments, at $25 million.

However, Daily Mail (via Page Six) recently obtained legal documents related to Olivia's ongoing custody battle with her ex, Jason Sudeikis. And according to these documents, specifically, a declaration filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Olivia's actual net worth is only around $10 million.

The declaration lays out Olivia's overall net worth at $10,569,736 (including only $645,187 of easily accessible money in her bank accounts, plus $3,902,689 in stocks and bonds, and further $6,021,860 in real estate and property investments).

All in all, we look at the difference of nearly $15 million here, or at an overestimation by factor of nearly 2.5. Such divergences are more than enough to consider data, containing them, to be garbage. While this may be an one-off edge case, you probably should not use celebrity net worth numbers, floating around the net, as anything but a very general estimate of a person's level of wealth, that might only get the number of digits in the actual figure correct.