Olivia Cooke Pours Cold Water On Fans Triggered By HotD's Yuckiest Scene

Olivia Cooke Pours Cold Water On Fans Triggered By HotD's Yuckiest Scene
Image credit: HBO

Didn't like the feet scene in the first season of House of the Dragon? Well, the Alicent Hightower actress couldn't be bothered, really.

Being a prequel for one of the world's most gruesome and gory series Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon has predictably enjoyed itself as it discovered new ways to trigger and disturb its viewers. And let's be honest here: it's not too surprising to see something disgusting or unbelievably cruel in the Westerosi world.

Yet somehow, the George R.R. Martin universe manages to push the boundaries every time. The first season of House of the Dragon had it all: from the severed genitalia to an actual close-up of a C-section. However, there was one particular disgusting scene that got everyone talking.

The Alicent Hightower foot fetish scene. Yep.

But while fans were gasping online after seeing Olivia Cooke 's character showing her feet to Larys Strong (in the least innocent way possible), the actress herself takes it with a bit of irony.

"It is wild, because there are beheadings, people getting their cocks cut off, graphic violence and brothel scenes, but getting my feet out and him wanking off, that’s the most shocking. It’s funny, isn’t it?" Cooke told Variety when asked about the scene.

She also noted she "didn’t want this to be gratuitous at all," because she knew her feet would "end up on various sites." Cooke regrets that it was this exact scene that caused such a wild reaction in the fandom, even though, just like she mentioned, there were plenty of scenes just as off-putting.

House of the Dragon is currently filming its second season, and something tells us we're in for yet another portion of unsettling stuff. The second chapter delves deeper in the bloody history of the Dance of the Dragons — the civil war between the Targaryens for the Iron Throne.

The premiere date for House of the Dragon season 2 remains to be scheduled.