New Stephen King Movie Receives a Promising All-Star Cast Update

New Stephen King Movie Receives a Promising All-Star Cast Update
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

It seems that the master’s characters are in good hands.


  • Stephen King ’s short story The Monkey, featuring the battle of the two brothers with a creepy evil toy, is already adapted for a movie, starring Theo James.
  • The movie’s cast is now joined by the MCU and LOTR stars, while the filmmakers leading The Monkey’s production are well-recognized for their horrors.

The master of horror has already brought billions of dollars to the film industry, as the probability of the movie adaptations of his terrifying novels being successful is quite high. The upcoming film, based on the 1980 short story from King's collection Skeleton Crew, titled The Monkey, is presumably destined to bore fruit due to its brilliant crew.

The horror novel follows the story of the two twins, who discover their father's old cymbal-banging monkey toy, which becomes the reason for the sudden deaths of their family members.

Having thrown it away in an attempt to end the bloody sequence of tragedies, the brothers grow up and almost forget about the evil toy. Nevertheless, it starts killing again, and they have to unite to destroy the root of the danger.

Last year it was already announced that The Monkey was already in the works, starring the renowned Theo James, famous for his performances in The White Lotus and in the recent Netflix ’s banger, The Gentlemen, in the role of both the adult twins.

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The direction of this King’s adaptation was handed over to Osgood Perkins (The Blackcoat's Daughter, Gretel & Hansel), while James Wan, the creator of Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring hit horror franchises, was reported to be its main producer.

However, the recent update on The Monkey’s development, delivered by Deadline, assures that the production has just wrapped, taking the veil of the mystery regarding the rest of the movie cast.

Not going into further details of the plot and the names of the characters, it was revealed that such stars as The Lord Of The Rings ’ Elijah Wood and the star of Marvel, Tatiana Maslany ( She–Hulk: Attorney at Law), join the movie’s cast.

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Besides, they are accompanied by Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth ), who is going to portray the child twins, Rohan Campbell (The Hardy Boys), Colin O’Brien (Wonka ), and Sarah Levy (Schitt’s Creek). Playing in an adaptation of King’s novel will be a new experience for all the actors, including the accomplished ones of LOTR and MCU.

Such a cast adds to the initial story’s level of quality, which promises to make The Monkey movie even better than the book source. However, it’s too early to make such a bold conclusion, let’s wait for the update concerning the movie’s release date.

Source: Deadline