New Cumberbatch Thriller Had Him Running Around NY in a 7 Ft Fursuit

New Cumberbatch Thriller Had Him Running Around NY in a 7 Ft Fursuit
Image credit: Netflix

There’s several pieces of news packed into one here: Benedict Cumberbatch is doing a new TV show; he’s in New York; and he’s running around looking all goofy.

Without a doubt, Benedict Cumberbatch has been among the most prominent British actors for many years now — and the one who conquered Hollywood with impeccable ease. The Sherlock star’s TV shows and movies win awards, charm critics, and captivate audiences, and he does it again and again, with another mini-series coming up soon… The one that had Cumberbatch do the funniest thing.

What Is Cumberbatch’s New TV Show?

For Benedict Cumberbatch, taking on new characters looks effortless, and he’s assumed many identities over the years. Arguably, his most famous impressions are those of arrogant geniuses, but the actor has proven his true range many times and intends to do it again with his upcoming Netflix mini-series Eric.

This upcoming TV show follows Vincent, a grief-stricken father whose young son went missing. In an attempt to find solace, he becomes obsessed with Eric, his son’s imaginary friend, fully convinced that if he shows Eric on TV, his child will return to him. As his obsession deepens, Vincent’s behavior becomes increasingly dangerous, worrying both the detectives working on the case and his family.

Cumberbatch Ran Around NY in a Fursuit

New Cumberbatch Thriller Had Him Running Around NY in a 7 Ft Fursuit - image 1

While Eric is a serious and dramatic criminal thriller, it includes one scene that had Benedict Cumberbatch do quite a goofy activity: the actor had to run around New York in a massive seven-feet monster costume. We don’t know how that could be presented in a resume, but the actor really enjoyed himself, he admitted to BBC.

“It was one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever done — and I’ve done a few! It was fun though — and painfully funny,” the actor shared.

If you’re a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, a thriller connoisseur, or just want to watch the actor running around in a huge fursuit, we only have a few words for you: Eric premieres on 30 May on Netflix. Be ready and don’t fear the monster under the bed.

Source: BBC