New Back to the Future Sequel? Co-Creator Addresses the Possibility

New Back to the Future Sequel? Co-Creator Addresses the Possibility
Image credit: Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment

Back to the Future is one of the few iconic franchises that hasn't been rebooted… yet.

We live in a cinematic age where sequels and reboots are released ten or more years after their predecessors. For example, Beetlejuice is already in production, which fans are no doubt excited about — but at the same time, many of them fear that the sequel will only insult the legacy of the original movie.

One of the iconic franchises that has stood the test of time but hasn't been rebooted is Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future. In more than 30 years since the triquel's release, there's been a lot of talk about Back to the Future 4, and co-creator Bob Gale has recently shared his thoughts on a possible sequel.

'People say, "Why don't you guys do Back to the Future Part 4?" […] You've seen too many people go back too many times. As I've said many times, the characters in Back to the Future are my family, my children. You don't sell your kids into prostitution,' Gale said.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the main actors, have the same opinion about a possible reboot. Fox has admitted that he doesn't see the point in making another Back to the Future movie since the story has already been told, and he doubts that a sequel or reboot can give viewers anything better than the original trilogy.

Christopher Lloyd also feels that the story has reached its logical conclusion:

'I know at one point they were seriously contemplating a fourth film, but I feel that they made an entire arc with the three movies and that's the story,' the actor said. 'So I don't think that's gonna happen, but you never know.'

While fans of the iconic film series may be devastated to hear this, it's probably for the best that Back to the Future will preserve its original legacy. Over the years, there have been too many reboots that have left the audience unhappy, and we wouldn't want that fate for the beloved time-traveling story.

Back to the Future 3 ended the trilogy on a relatively high note, with the DeLorean destroyed and Doc Brown, his wife Clara, and their two children embarking on adventures in a time-traveling locomotive. Not that we wouldn't want to see these adventures on screen, but the chances of ruining this wonderful finale are just too serious.

Source: Variety, Yahoo