Netflix’s New Anime Remaking the Best Fairy Tales of All Time Releases Next Week

Netflix’s New Anime Remaking the Best Fairy Tales of All Time Releases Next Week
Image credit: Netflix

The platform’s experimental anthology promises a great anime experience.


  • Next week Netflix releases a new anime series, which is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with each episode focusing on one of them.
  • This anthology is going to feature a new vision of classic stories.

The leading streaming platform is again proving to the whole world that they’re entirely into anime with their new project, which is inspired by the most famous fairy tale writers. Such a surprising source for Japanese original net animation promises the unforgettable experience not only for anime lovers, but to other viewers too.

The point here is that the platform announced the anime anthology series, based on the works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who are famous for collecting and publishing German folktales. Netflix’s take on it will not be a literal adaptation of their tales, but will present a new vision of them, as they’re introducing the new character to the story.

All fairy tales will be featured from the perspective of Charlotte, the brothers' younger sister, whose innocence and curiosity will bring a new dimension to our favorite stories. Thus, this heroine will prove there are obviously other lessons and themes hidden between the lines and the pages of classic Grimm’s works, altering their meaning.

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Each episode of the anthology will present 6 different stories told by 6 directors. Thus, it’s going to add new twists to Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Elves And The Shoemaker, The Town Musicians of Bremen, and the Pied Piper tales.

Exploring the universal issues of power, greed, life and death and, of course, love, this anime series revisits all these old fairy tales through a modern prism. Besides, its style of animation also adds this project’s peculiarity, as nothing similar was seen before that.

Indeed, we had Matt Damon and Heath Ledger’s 2005 feature, The Brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and Gretel & Hansel (2020), all of them being adapted from the Brothers Grimm works, but lacking a decent quality of screenwriting.

The new anime’s crew promises to fix this mistake, as it’s created by Wit Studio, famous for producing the first three seasons of the hyped Attack on Titan and the first season of Vinland Saga. The script of the given project, The Grimm Variations, was handed to Michiko Yokote, who has such titles as Cowboy Bebop and Naruto in her portfolio.

Let’s wait for the release of this anthology, which is scheduled on April 17.

Source: Netflix Anime