NCIS Spinoff New Characters Tease Much More Intense Action Than Everyone Expects

NCIS Spinoff New Characters Tease Much More Intense Action Than Everyone Expects
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The show is getting a very European team indeed.

NCIS: Tony & Ziva still has a long way to eventually arrive at the screens, but the mystery surrounding the future show’s storyline is getting even bigger as more details keep flowing in.

Coming as one of NCIS spinoffs, the series will find the original show’s beloved characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David reuniting somewhere in Europe after years apart and embarking on new missions on their own since both quit the NCIS team. Tony and Ziva’s job complications will now get even more challenging considering that the couple will be traveling across Europe with their preteen daughter Tali.

Though nothing more regarding the main plot line has been revealed yet, the upcoming series still has its fans posted about the latest casting news, and now it seems like NCIS: Tony & Ziva just hinted at major action-packed plot twists that the newly added characters will bring to the show.

According to TVLine’s recent reports, NCIS: Tony & Ziva is indeed aiming at an international level of its character ensemble, as it’s been confirmed that the show will feature agents of all kinds of nationalities. The series thus is set to introduce a “British nanny/bodyguard role,” a “Russian hacker extraordinaire,” and a “French Interpol liaison.”

Tony & Ziva will also bring “#Tiva’s tweenage daughter Tali” to the main stage, though it seems like the show hasn’t cast anyone for the role yet. The report mentions that the crew is still seeking an actress for Tali who’d “ideally be played by a French-American ingenue.”

No further details were given about the new characters, though based on how some specific nationalities usually play out in most shows or movies, some of the fans’ predictions seem to actually make sense.

Judging by the overall description, many agreed that a British nanny/bodyguard is someone who will most likely take care of Tali while her parents are dealing with criminals across Europe.

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A Russian hacker extraordinaire has all chances to turn out to be a bad guy since the beginning and till the very end, while a French Interpol liaison might initially come as a helping hand for Tony and Ziva, though will eventually appear to be someone who’s been after the lead characters all this time.

NCIS: Ziva & Tony has no premiere date yet, though it’s still set to arrive on the screens sometime this fall or later this year.

Source: TVLine