NCIS Fans Believe Jessica Knight May Face Disheartening Plot Twist in Season 22

NCIS Fans Believe Jessica Knight May Face Disheartening Plot Twist in Season 22
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Ahead of the new installment, some are already reassured that the character has made her choice.

NCIS season 22 is months away from landing on CBS this fall, and all we can talk about is what the future holds for Jessica Knight, as her storyline has already got so many fan theories giving her all sorts of prospects for the next season.

While some still get extremely excited about Knight’s new position as the new REACT chief training officer at Camp Pendleton, others cherish a hope that the character will receive a personal happy ending as well. However, some fans are reassured that Jessica’s cloudless future is just a way to kill off the whole drama.

While NCIS season 21 has been over for several weeks now, heated discussions concerning Jessica Knight’s possible departure from the show haven’t quietened down ever since. On Reddit, some users reflected on how things will turn out for Jessica's relationship with her colleague Jimmy Palmer, as the series’ last few seasons proved that the characters’ feelings were much deeper than just a light romance.

Although some fans crossed fingers wishing for Knight and Palmer’s relationship to live on after Jessica’s inevitable departure from the MCRT, other Reddit users suggested that there would be no way for them to continue dating this way. As a result, Palmer would eventually find someone else at the office he kept working in, which at some point would hit Jessica pretty hard when she paid a visit to her former workplace.

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For now this theory didn’t hit Jessica, but rather Jessica and Jimmy’s fans who retorted by pointing out that Jessica and Jimmy’s storyline got to be a whole cliffhanger in the season 21 finale, thus there’s no reason for anyone to think that the next installment will already find them separated for good.

Others also pondered over Jimmy’s loyalty to Jessica, saying that his deep feelings for her wouldn’t allow him to find someone else, at least not that quickly.

As NCIS season 21 left no doubt that Jessica Knight had accepted the offer of her dream with no hesitation, it becomes quite clear that she isn’t a part of the MCRT anymore and her romance with Palmer is indeed facing a major challenge.

With all the myriad of versatile theories, there’s still a slim chance for anyone to predict real plot twists until NCIS season 22 officially lands on CBS this fall.