Most Original Post Apocalyptic Show to Date Climbs the Netflix Top Yet Again

Most Original Post Apocalyptic Show to Date Climbs the Netflix Top Yet Again
Image credit: Netflix

The next show to add to your watchlist.

Even though 2024 has already given viewers many very enticing sci-fi series, and Netflix was no exception with the premiere of 3-Body Problem, there's always more to look forward to. Those who were already familiar with the brilliance of Sweet Tooth were patiently waiting for the third season to air, and it didn't disappoint.

Right now, Sweet Tooth is at the top of Netflix's global ratings, holding its own even against Netflix's most popular titles like Bridgerton. Here's everything you need to know about the show if you want to join other viewers.

What Sweet Tooth Is About?

The show adapted from the DC comic series created by Jeff Lemire has been in development since 2018 and started out as a Hulu original but was moved to Netflix in 2019.

It takes place in a fictionalized future, where humanity has been virtually destroyed by a viral pandemic of a disease known as the Sick. Those who remain alive, however, have given birth to another generation of babies with animalistic traits.

Perhaps the only dystopia with a truly whimsical feel, Sweet Tooth follows the journey of 10-year-old part-deer boy Gus, who sets out to find his mother after his father dies. On his quest, he nearly falls victim to hybrids' hunters, but is rescued by Tommy Jepperd, who becomes his companion.

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The series stars a whole cast of young talent, led by 14-year-old Canadian Christian Convery. His adult companion, a former football player Tommy, is played by Nonso Anozie.

Despite its unusual setup, which lures viewers in with cute animal-like kids, the show is quite heavy on the adventure side. It has an overall critics' score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the latest season, which premiered on June 6, contributing 92%. These high ratings are translating into the show's results on streaming platforms.

But Netflix viewers aren't the only ones who have clearly enjoyed the show. Thanks to the brilliant acting of the cast and crew, the show was nominated for twenty Children's and Family Emmy Awards over the course of two seasons, winning four of them.

With the third season wrapping the story up, you can now binge the entire show from the beginning to the very end. If you are a fan of the genre, be sure to tune into Sweet Tooth on Netflix.