Most Annoying Things About Zendaya's MJ in Spider-Man

Most Annoying Things About Zendaya's MJ in Spider-Man
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A bunch of hot takes incoming.

The newest MJ has been a topic of discussion among fans since her introduction in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

While some fans have loved her character and the freshness she brings to the franchise, others have found her portrayal to be quite annoying.

MJ's demeanor can be quite off-putting. She comes across as aloof, uninterested, and even cold at times.

While this could be seen as a defense mechanism for her character, it can also be frustrating for viewers who want to see more chemistry between her and Peter Parker.

Her sarcasm and constant need to make snide comments can also be grating. While witty banter is a staple of the Spider-Man comics, MJ's constant negativity can be tiresome.

It often feels like she's trying too hard to be cool or edgy, and it can come off as forced and unnatural.

Finally, her seemingly random moments of emotional vulnerability can be jarring. While it's important to show that even the toughest characters have their moments of weakness, MJ's sudden emotional outbursts feel unearned.

We don't know enough about her character to really understand why she feels certain emotions, which makes these moments feel hollow.

Many fans were upset by the non-canon image of the hero, especially the lack of red hair. However, many still like the new MJ.

Some are only familiar with Marvel from the movies and haven't read the comics, so they weren't bothered by the character changes.

Some didn't like her introduction in Homecoming, but the development of her personality over the course of the three movies seemed great enough to fans.

Few viewers realize that they're just tired of Zendaya, because it's like she's in every popular franchise right now.

Comic book nerds don't appreciate that the filmmakers took the classic MJ and rewrote her instead of trying to create an alternate version by giving her a different name.

Despite all the flaws and inconsistencies with the comic book, most MCU fans like the new interpretation of the Spider-Man movies.

MJ has become almost the most memorable character in the Peter Parker films.

If in a Sam Raimi or Mark Webb film, the girl was in the shadow of the hero and had a secondary function to inspire Spidey to action, now she has become a full-fledged member of the team.

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