Mission Impossible 7 Director Says The Goal Is To Crush Top Gun

Mission Impossible 7 Director Says The Goal Is To Crush Top Gun
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Will Tom Cruise outdo his own past success?

Mission: Impossible has emerged as one of the most prosperous film franchises in cinema history.

Thanks to the magnetic appeal of Tom Cruise and the skilled guidance of Christopher McQuarrie who directed the latest films of the franchise, the series has continually elevated itself with each successive chapter.

In a recent conversation with Total Film, Christopher McQuarrie unveiled an ambitious objective for the upcoming movie.

His aim is for the movie to surpass the triumph of Top Gun: Maverick, the highest-grossing film of 2022, where both McQuarrie and Cruise took part.

However, McQuarrie clarified that their aim is not to outdo other franchises or filmmakers, but rather to challenge their own previous achievements.

Their desire is to persistently push the boundaries and enhance upon their own cinematic endeavors.

After taking a close look at Top Gun: Maverick, they realized there was a lot more they could achieve in Mission: Impossible by applying the lessons they learned from their previous project.

The Mission: Impossible franchise has proven to be an immense triumph for Tom Cruise, with the previous film amassing a global box office revenue of $791 million.

Early predictions suggest that Dead Reckoning Part One could totally outdo its predecessor, possibly crossing the mind-boggling $1 billion mark. If that happens, it would definitely be the most successful movie in the franchise.

Despite facing fierce competition from highly anticipated films such as Barbie and Oppenheimer, Mission: Impossible 7 still has chances to shine at the box office.

McQuarrie and Cruise have collaborated on nine films thus far, with each surpassing the preceding one.

Consequently, it is reasonable to anticipate that Dead Reckoning Part One could achieve a comparable level of triumph as Top Gun: Maverick.

In addition to Tom Cruise's involvement, the forthcoming film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Vanessa Kirby, Rebecca Ferguson, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, and Simon Pegg, among others.

While plot specifics remain undisclosed, it is expected to deliver an action-packed escapade replete with mind-boggling stunts.

Tom Cruise fans are getting impatient with excitement, but the movie will finally be hitting theaters very soon, on July 10th.

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