MCU Officially Rendered Spider-Man: Homecoming's Post-Credits Meaningless

MCU Officially Rendered Spider-Man: Homecoming's Post-Credits Meaningless
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Scorpion is no longer a threat to Peter Parker, Spider-Man: No Way Home made sure of that.

The ending of No Way Home has changed a lot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU fans have found and will probably continue to find numerous ways Dr. Strange's forgetting spell influenced the lore. One of these changes applies to the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Homecoming ends with Peter overpowering his very first antagonist, the Vulture, and sending him to jail.

The mid-credits scene introduces another big Spider-Man villain, Scorpion, who apparently has a vendetta against Spidey. He approaches Vulture in the prison and tells him he has some friends on the outside who are ready to slice Spider-Man's throat and "put his head in a dryer."

The only thing Scorpion and his friends are missing is Spider-Man's identity. And though the Vulture refuses to unveil the real-life name of the superhero to most likely take revenge himself, Scorpion doesn't look too upset.

This scene set up a potential continuation of the franchise and made all viewers think that, after discovering Spider-Man's identity, Scorpion will become the next big villain in the MCU. But the supervillain appeared neither in Far From Home nor in No Way Home. More than that, the plot twist in the latest chapter of the Spider-Man franchise made the mid-credit scene introducing Scorpion totally meaningless.

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At the end of No Way Home, to stop the multiverse from exploding, Dr. Strange casts a spell that makes everyone forget that Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker, everyone including Peter's friends and enemies. It means Scorpion and his gang forget the real identity of Spider-Man, too, which makes the chance to see Scorpion as a major villain in the Spider-man franchise very slim.

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The franchise never followed through on the threat it set up in its first mid-credit scene. More than that, the scene was made insignificant already in Far From Home where everyone in the MCU discovers the real name of Spider-Man. This reveal could trigger the storyline of Scorpion getting what he wanted and acting on his threats. However, the creators of the franchise missed this opportunity and completely ignored Scorpion in No Way Home after which his threat seems even emptier than when it was first shown.