Marvel Fans Demand a New Black Widow Movie with This Oppenheimer Star

Marvel Fans Demand a New Black Widow Movie with This Oppenheimer Star
Image credit: Universal Pictures/Marvel Studios Inc.

The MCU has already set this character up in the best way possible, and now the fans are eager to watch the rise of the new Black Widow starring Florence Pugh.

In the Marvel movies, Black Widow has had a pretty weird history so far. Scarlett Johansson 's character has been around for many years, being part of the Avengers team and co-starring in other superheroes' films, but it took ages for Marvel to actually give her her own solo project — just to have her sacrifice herself soon after.

However awkward and unfair it was, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is not officially done and dusted after Avengers: Endgame, but the fans don't want to let go of the character so easily. They want a new Black Widow to rise, and Marvel has already set up the perfect candidate — both the character and the actress.

As we learned from the Black Widow's solo movie, when she was growing up with her fake family, she became a protective big sister for Yelena, her fake sibling. Just like Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova was a Russian spy specifically grown on American soil to have the citizenship and trust of the US government.

In Black Widow, Yelena was played by Florence Pugh, the star of Christopher Nolan 's new movie Oppenheimer, and the fans absolutely loved her in that role. To be completely honest, it was hard to not like her as Yelena Belova: the character is great, and

Florence is a phenomenally good actress which she just proved again.

After Natasha's death, it only makes sense if Yelena becomes Marvel's new Black Widow (granted that there are many of them lore-wise, but we mean the Black Widow that has her own movies and stuff). Belova is already well-established in the story, and Florence

Pugh has already earned a whole bunch of dedicated fans.

We, for one, think it would've been a great move by Marvel that would allow to both keep Natasha Romanoff's legacy and attract even more audience with the ever-growing star of Florence Pugh. Also, if they so wished, they could've made a solo movie for Pugh's Black Widow and have Johansson return to play Romanoff again in the flashbacks.

What's your take on Pugh's Black Widow?