Mark Wahlberg’s 2005 Action Drama Is Blowing Netflix Up

Mark Wahlberg’s 2005 Action Drama Is Blowing Netflix Up
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The action flick is getting a second life almost twenty years after its release.

It’s been quite a long time since Netflix audiences proved their unpredictability in movie choices, and this week marks viewers’ interest in the Mark Wahlberg-led action film from almost twenty years ago. According to the most recent data provided by FlixPatrol, the flick titled Four Brothers is currently holding a second position on Netflix’s global top, surpassed only by the streaming’s latest horror arrival, Under Paris.

What Is Four Brothers About?

Also starring Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund in the leading roles, Four Brothers follows four completely different men that back in the day were saved from life in an orphanage by a woman that later on would become their foster mother.

When the latter becomes the only witness to a robbery that takes place in a convenience store in Michigan and eventually gets killed by the criminals, her grown-up sons embark on a full-scale revenge having strong suspicions that their mother’s death wasn’t accidental.

The brothers’ own investigation eventually unveils the truth about one of them having some kind of dark business with a local gangster, while the policemen pretending to help them find the culprit also seem to have very different intentions.

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Upon its theatrical release back in 2005, Four Brothers was no disappointment for its crew and cast. The movie became a box office hit, grossing $92 million against the initial budget of $30 million, and got the overall acclaim landing scores of 53% and 80% from critics and viewers respectively on Rotten Tomatoes.

Though the flick still got some criticism from professionals who claimed that the film’s excessive violence was just too much and eventually misled the plot’s essential parts, Four Brothers still managed to become the viewers’ darling, something that the current Netflix subscribers can relate to right now.

Four Brothers is available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.