Margot Robbie's Bluff Turned Out Right: This Barbie Is Now a Billionaire

Margot Robbie's Bluff Turned Out Right: This Barbie Is Now a Billionaire
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The ancient legends were true: Barbillion is real, and it’s here. Director Greta Gerwig just made history by becoming the first-ever female director with a $1B movie!

At this point, it’s a well-known fact that Margot Robbie had quite a fun time convincing the executives to proceed with the Barbie movie. In her desperate bluff, Robbie even promised them that this movie would pass the $1B mark at the box office despite being in no way, shape, or form the person responsible for the budget.

Together with a bunch of other arguments, Robbie’s bluff was convincing enough that Barbie received the green light — but even after the movie was already out and was indisputably doing phenomenally at the box office, the actress admitted that she wasn’t sure whether or not her made-up projection would work out so well.

However, the lead actress turned out to be right: with the third weekend, Barbillion was achieved! As of now, Greta Gerwig’s latest movie has earned $1.031B at the global box office, and it still has quite some time to collect even more.

While an incredible achievement on its own — hitting the $1B mark is the dream of any director, regardless of their movie’s genre — Barbie’s feat also made history. Greta Gerwig just became the first-ever female director with a movie that earned one billion dollars, meaning that both Barbie and Gerwig are staying in history forever.

This movie just never ceases to amaze us. From its spectacular marketing campaign and worldwide hype to the everlasting sequence of record-breaking, it was clear that Barbie was special in many ways. Making history, however, is something you wouldn’t normally expect from a live-action adventure comedy about dolls — but here we are!

While it’s only logical to assume that creating the first female-directed billion-dollar movie was not the primary goal on Mattel’s end, this outstanding feat surely is a great first step toward the success of the Mattelverse. It would be too early to predict if the consequent movies will achieve such results, but the foundation is laid, and it’s very solid.

Source: Box Office Mojo