Loudest Video Game Adaptation of 2023 Slashes Its Way Right to HBO’s Top 10

Loudest Video Game Adaptation of 2023 Slashes Its Way Right to HBO’s Top 10
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Get some popcorn (or pizza) for this guilty pleasure flick!

It’s hard to miss the tendency towards making more game adaptations, and we bet you’ve seen at least one of them. These include such hits as Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), Uncharted (2022) and, of course, The Last of Us ( 2023) and this year’s Fallout series.

Last Halloween we saw an adaptation that stood out because of its lasting production and the eventual result being extremely controversial. However, it didn’t interfere with the film’s success at all, and now it’s holding the fourth place on HBO’s global chart.

Its plot revolves around Mike, a security guard in his mid-life crisis, who takes a job at a local pizzeria. During his first night shift he is quick to realize that the place is full of murderous animatronic animals, who become mobile and hostile as the sun goes down.

Pop culture enjoyers have already guessed we’re talking about the movie adaptation of one of the most famous horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy's. It took 8 years and a relatively low budget of $20 million to make this film, and it was clearly worth it.

The movie managed to gross $297.2 million, becoming the Blumhouse studio’s highest-grossing film, despite its day-and-date release for streaming on Peacock. Moreover, it’s still hyping on the Internet with many of its scenes remaining viral.

However, it fell victim to critics’ severe judgment, and it’s proved by its shameful critical score of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is claimed to be poorly written and filmed the way it can’t scare or even interest neither the game’s lovers nor an average viewer.

It’s a paradox but the film’s audience score is far higher, 87%, and the fact that it still has quite a strong viewership adds to it being a must-watch. Yes, it can be cringey and generic in some moments, but it’s a perfect movie for an evening chill with friends.

You can think of this adaptation not as a horror flick (but be sure it’ll give you a number of scares), but rather as a guilty pleasure comedy. Thus, it’ll be of much pleasure to watch it nor only for the original game’s fans, but for literally everyone.

Check out if it deserves so much hype or not, as Five Nights at Freddy's is available for streaming on Max.