Looks Like The Flash's Insane Budget Went to...Pumping Ezra Miller's Butt with CGI

Looks Like The Flash's Insane Budget Went to...Pumping Ezra Miller's Butt with CGI
Image credit: Warner Bros.

If you were wondering how The Flash could fail so dramatically with such a huge budget, we finally have an answer for you: this money went to make the lead actor’s butt bubbly. Literally.

It only took one day — the release day — to turn The Flash from the most hyped-up film of 2023 and the allegedly “best superhero movie of all time” into the biggest disappointment and a laughing matter. From inconsistent and videogame-ish CGI to poor acting and morally questionable cameo, The Flash was terrible on all levels.

At the box office, Andy Muschietti’s latest movie only managed to collect $268.5M worldwide against the production budget of $300M.

The Flash lost hundreds of millions of dollars to the studio and didn’t even come halfway to breaking even… So the question is, where did all the budget go and why was the end result so bad?

Well, when it comes to making movies on a budget, it’s all about priorities and wise allocating: you need to differentiate between what’s crucial and what isn’t and play around with redistributing the money.

Even if you have an insane $300M production budget, spending it poorly may very well see you create The Flash. Gross.

But what did The Flash creators prioritize, then? Oh, that one big “but.”

Apparently, a significant chunk of the movie’s budget was allocated to solve the most essential issue it had: making Ezra Miller ’s bottom look thick. We’re not even joking! One of the X (formerly Twitter) users, NebsGoodTakes, showed the BTS picture of a shot and then, this very same scene in the film itself. Notice any differences?

Let’s be real here for a second: of all the things that were wrong with The Flash, Ezra Miller’s butt was not an objective priority. Yet, making overworked VFX artists change it in post-production to look thicker was somehow deemed worthy of spending money on whereas making the actual movie look at least semi-decent wasn’t. Duh.

Well, on the other hand, no one’s ever complained about Flash’s bottom looking flat, so at least, the creators achieved this sensational goal of theirs. But at what cost?

Was this shot worth it?