Kraven Trailer Sealed The Fate of Sony's Spider-Man Universe: It Is Now Officially a Mess

Kraven Trailer Sealed The Fate of Sony's Spider-Man Universe: It Is Now Officially a Mess
Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The new trailer completely destroyed the most logical fan theory, and now trying to figure things out is going to give you a headache.

With the first bloody trailer for Kraven the Hunter finally upon us, perhaps one of the biggest problems with Marvel movies and characters has become even more apparent.

And we are not even talking about the possible quality of the upcoming movie, which fans fear could be just as underwhelming as other Sony movies about Marvel villains.

The problem is that it has become extremely difficult to keep track of several separate cinematic universes, especially with the same actors playing drastically different characters.

You see, the yet another anti-hero of Sony's Spider-Man universe, best known for his confrontations with, well, Spider-Man, is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who previously appeared as Pietro Maximoff or Quicksilver in the MCU films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

His father, the seemingly main antagonist of the film, is portrayed by none other than Russell Crowe, who MCU fans may recognize as Zeus from Thor: Love and Thunder. And that would have been tolerable if there were only two different Marvel universes at play, but the situation is more complicated than that.

At the end of the trailer, we see Rhino, played by Alessandro Nivola, who is drastically different from other versions of the character, as he seems to be able to literally transform into a human-rhino hybrid.

It has long been speculated that Sony's entire Spider-Man universe takes place in the same world as The Amazing Spider-Man movies, where Andrew Garfield is the titular web-slinger, but now that theory is completely destroyed.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already introduced Paul Giamatti's Rhino, who was a common criminal in a high-tech suit, so now it is clear that Sony has two completely different universes, the "villain" one and the "Amazing" one (and maybe two more if you count the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and the Spider-Verse trilogy). Feel the headache yet?

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To further complicate matters, in the post-credits scene of Morbius, we saw Michael Keaton's Vulture from the MCU movie Spider-Man: Homecoming travel to the "villains" universe and propose to Morbius that they take down Spider-Man together (who now appears to be an entirely new version of the hero, as noted above).

With all of this in mind, it is obvious that the Marvel movies (or at least the Sony movies) have become a completely incoherent mess, and it is beyond comprehension what the creators are trying to accomplish these days.

One thing's for sure, the average moviegoer who hasn't done their homework on the Marvel movies is going to be completely confused by this state of affairs.