Kraven the Hunter Trailer Sparks Panic: Fans Fear a Morbin Time Déjà Vu

Kraven the Hunter Trailer Sparks Panic: Fans Fear a Morbin Time Déjà Vu
Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Oh no, is it Kravenin time?

Sony Pictures Entertainment finally dropped the trailer of Kraven the Hunter, and it looks overall promising… but there is a catch.

The trailer gives us a sneak peek into what the movie might be about and shows off some impressive action scenes that explain why it's rated R, which is definitely a plus for the film.

But here's the most controversial part of the trailer: we see how Kraven possibly gets his powers. Based on what we see, it looks like a young Kraven gets his powers when he's attacked by a lion and its blood ends up in Kraven’s open wound.

It immediately reminded fans of Morbius because he got his powers in a somewhat similar way. If it turns out that Kraven really does get his powers from lion blood, fans are getting a bit worried about the whole movie and its potential to be as disastrous as Morbius.

In the movie, we might find out that it wasn't just the lion's blood that made Kraven super-powered. There might be some other changes or tweaks involved. But in this case, they shouldn't have shown that in the trailer at all.

In the comics, Kraven actually gets his powers after drinking a magic potion. Yes, it's his original backstory, but honestly, it's hard to decide which is worse: a magic potion or lion blood. Both sound pretty cringeworthy.

Surprisingly, Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) tackled his origin the best. In that version, Kraven also gets attacked by wild animals and comes close to death, but it's not some crazy magic potion or lion blood that saves him but a synthesized serum.

The 1994 Spider-Man series also nailed the complexity of Sergei Kravinoff. He's a total beast, the serum messes with his mind, and he can't fully control himself. He is a bad guy, but deep down, you can still see some human traits in him.

Sony is trying to pull off the same trick with Kraven as they did with Venom and Morbius — portraying the bad guys as antiheroes. These characters are practically shouting, "Hey, we may do some terrible stuff, but come on, we are sweethearts."

The problem with Sony's antiheroes is that, at the end of the day, they were meant to be villains. When they attempt to portray them as heroes, it simply doesn't work.

Source: Reddit