Keanu Reeves Celebrated The Toughest Matrix Scene In The Most Unexpected Way

Keanu Reeves Celebrated The Toughest Matrix Scene In The Most Unexpected Way
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This actor will never stop to impress everyone around him.

It's hard to argue that Keanu Reeves has earned the title of legend, not only for his acting talent but also for the kindness and humanity he has expressed throughout the years.

Fans admire his honesty, and Reeves remains as humble as ever, never letting his celebrity status get to his head.

It is also remarkable how easily the actor parts with money when he finds the cause worthy.

There were not one, but several occasions when Reeves gave up a huge percentage of his salary to bring more experienced actors to the set to work with him.

Eager for knowledge and experience, passionate about his projects, down-to-earth, and very kind to his fans, it seems that Keanu Reeves just can't get any better in the eyes of the public.

Well, there is yet another story that proves it wrong.

Perhaps the most exciting and memorable scene in The Matrix Reloaded is the big battle that Neo, portrayed by Reeves himself, has with a bunch of Agent Smith clones.

You can only imagine how complicated the filming process behind such an epic scene was and how many people were involved in making it happen.

In fact, Keanu Reeves was so impressed that he took it upon himself to recognize the hard work of the stunt team by giving them some very generous gifts for their work.

Each of the 12 stunt doubles received a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $15,000.

There is no footage to capture the reactions of these stunt doubles, but you can imagine how wonderful and surprising this moment was.

What's even more fascinating is that this isn't the only instance where Keany Reeves has given very generous gifts to the cast and crew of the movies he's working on.

According to The Outsider, he spent $50,000 on expensive champagne for all 800 crew members on the set of The Matrix Revolutions.

John Wick 's stunt doubles were even lucky enough to receive a personalized Rolex watch from the actor.

Keep an eye out for other films with Keanu Reeves to come and don't miss out on any behind-the-scenes updates for an upcoming John Wick 5.

Source: The Outsider